Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Just Can't Get Enough!


C.Pops & Debt

Big Nose & Korea

Really can't get enough of the loosesness & freedom in these pieces.
All different styles but all brilliantly bugged out.
My flicks of these were piss poor.
This batch again are Metro's.


Anonymous said...

if im missing something i apologise but i think the pieces in the first two pics are terrible. nothing against the artists personally but i dont see anything good here.

Anonymous said...

dont confuse looseness with sheer lack of ability

raised alarm said...

the debts, cpops and smog are rank. i really hate the anti style pish being done by most edinburgh writers.

Anonymous said...

yup. anti-style. what the hell is it all about? it's like super aids.

Anonymous said...

anti style is just people who cant paint pretending they dont want to be able to.

Ziggy said...

Anti style sums up the majority of the generic euro train styles on that raised alarm blog. A-typical generic graffiti at least the Debts & C Pops have something original going on unlike the generic letters & technique based shit we see all the time which is no substitute for style & flair.


Anonymous said...

"anti style is just people who cant paint pretending they dont want to be able to"

You really thought about that didn't you bet you just wrote that to sound cool which you do of course infact i hope you post more of this deep insightful knowledge it's like "Anti-Cool " sort of like a deodorising oral tampon for shit talk.

capitano jings said...

Every one of those pieces looks alive and animated.
As opposed to static and dead.
Would Blade or Noc 167 be considered anti-style?
I think the variation at the moment is fresh, and there's such whole load of stuff going on that it's exciting for the first time in years and surely that's a good thing?

I would be really interested to see what is considered 'pro style' though. Send the pics in to scottishgraffiti@yahoo.com

lyken love said...

I posted these flicks together not as examples of members of a movement within graff but purely as individual writers, who for me, displayed a funky, loose style. 
To be clear, I'm not mistaking looseness with lack of ability, no more than I mistook the wardrobe this morning for the fridge.
I know first hand most of these guys can paint but what does that matter?
Why should technical ability matter in art (or music, or anything) as long as the ideas are great. Obviously this style polarizes opinion. I have spoke to equal amount of folk who love this kind of style as hate it, even the fact it gets a debate going is pretty good.
Even when I downright despise a trend or a style I would much rather it was around than not. I love to see people doing their own thing, at least doing something rather than nothing at all.
I'm actually pretty excited to see the variety of pieces that emerge this year from all corners.

Anonymous said...

well for instance, everyone on this forum, the moderators etc. hailed rask's interview as being great, and really backed up his idea of graf being 'all about the letters'. so for example with e.g. that cocopops piece, you can't see anything to do with the letters, and all the additions merely seek to hide the ineptness of them. in my opinion. you want to see pro-style? check a better blog. pfft.

Mieone said...

I think if you take all the color and pattern out of the C Pops you'll find some tasty 70's esque letter forms for me thats what makes the style work.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people just get along
What a world it would be
If we could all just have fun
'Cause it don't do nobody right
When it comes down to a fight hey
Why can't people just get along

Anonymous said...

the guy talkin about the rask inerveiw is spt on. everycunt was like yeah when he sed its all about good letter styles etc. then everycunt starts slaggin those pieces with shite letters n theyre like "naw, its all about funky loosness" etc.

its no like theyr amazin writers doin some ironic antistyle shit, theyre just kids that canny paint.

lyken love said...

Well I like Rask but I also like C.Pops.

Only one way to settle this...

K - D4WG said...

What is anti-style? I'd say it's some toy rubbish from people who have no idea what they're doing (I realise that's probably exactly what a lot of cunts are thinking this is but I disagree haha). Anything can be stylish, it just depends what you're into, it doesn't need to be some extremely crisp Bates/RT style piece etc.

I didn't read this rask interview but people seem to be getting 'all about the letters' mixed up with all about one style of slightly generic and dull graffiti styled letter. I think it's a bit of a misleading thing to say as nearly every writer is all about the letters (unless your talking Wino DWS or LDS crew or something) they just do different things with them.

I like graff to be fun though, so I'm not really up for hanging around some chill spot doing a million cut backs...that's probably got a lot to do with laziness as well though.

I could go on about this for ages but don't want to get into a complete rant here.

Cornbread said...

I fucking hate graffiti.
If I'd have known it was going to turn out this retarded I wouldn't have bothered.
I probably should have just spoken to Cynthia rather than scribbling on shit

Anonymous said...

to be honest, if the people who were doing this weren't your mates, i doubt you would be backing them so much. that aside, i like people doing their own thing i admit, so anti-style, pro-style, wildstyle or childstyle, its all good. Just don't expect me to like that trash coming out of the East coast just now.. heh heh.

Anonymous said...


Harry Allen said...

Why is the Rask interview so important in this debate? Thats one writers opinion from his own perspective of what style is , he likes New York wild style which is evident form simply viewing his pieces.
Does Rask's opinion reflect the opinions held by the moderators of this blog?

Clearly not the blog is trying to cover as many things as it can going on within the scottish graffiti world. Would some of you prefer one homogenous style to reflect scotland as a whole or is this a typical perochial west v's east style argument?

One thing worth mentioning remember recently when Iz The Wiz passed away think of all the super tight style writers who dedicated trains, pieces productions to Iz. Now Iz was never a style king in the same way Kase2 or Dondi was but still he had his own thing going on which nobody got to bothered labelled iabout he was respected as an individual which is what graffiti should encourage.

MisterVera said...

think there is some confusion about the Rask quote "all about the letters" This was in relation to characters photorealism etc in pieces/productions. When it comes down to it thats all very nice and all that but "its all about the letters". If your lettering is shite then the rest,characters, technique etc doesnt cover that up. Thats what i took from it anyway.
Im not the biggest fan of all the different styles out there but each to their own. Its all good.

Anonymous said...

its good to see a good debate going on here, post more anti style pics!

YOgang said...

It's all fresh uh huh uh huh uh huh.