Friday, 5 February 2010

In Effect mag No3

The man Eez has come through big style with a classic. A full scan of the first Scottish graff mag In Effect, this is no3. I'll leave the finer details of this to Eez (check future comments) but for us older uns this is how life was before glossy full colour graff mags and the internet came along. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

great stuff. Mad to see that guy Scan's stuff again (was just speaking about him recently)
Great cover by Eez, who was Aero? that style is immense.
Skore, Si2, Pinkie, Inkie so much stuff.
That Moda piece is pretty stylin also!

Top Stuff EEzbo

EEZ aka The Scalpelmeister said...

Nice one V for posting all the pages and not just the download link for the zip I sent.

Quickish waffle,

Mag was done on an A3 folded (reduced the scale here for monitor size). Letraset for the header text, photos stuck directly on paper with spray mount and blu-tac. Scalpeled a few things for overlay. Text typed up on a wind up typewriter (almost) and doodles et al off the cuff stylee.

All the pics were actually ok to view considering the black and white photocopy format because of a top sheet called letracopy which broke the image into dots when printing, cool.

Nice bit of history dug out for any graff fiends checkin.

I used to flog tag belts btw, check out 7-8 scan, :-)

Middle pages were on Krisy and Kode some Australian graff chicks.

17-18 scan got promo ads for other zines on the go

Lot's to see, will leave you to it...

@LykenLoveMachine - never met Skan or Aero, both were rockin cool stuff for 20 years back right enough

battlechasers said...

up in edinburgh and glasgow for 2 days each w/c 15th feb, anywhere to go check out?

EEZ said...


Emailed you. Will meet for a pint


Know this guy from the mag days, make an effort and hook him up, cheers

EEZ said...

PS Check out his site here,

Anonymous said...

lovely mag. jam packed. some cover as well - super crisp.

was this the only one you produced eez (apart from earlier numbers), or were there other titles as well?

were any other scottish guys putting out mags back in the day as well?


EEZ aka Real Men Use Carplan said...


Only graff mag, scan 7-8 has the other 2 covers btw.

After this 3rd issue I churned out an A4 both sider freebie newsletter called FREESTYLE for 5 issues. It was similar style, done on A3 and reduced down. Got quite popular around the UK and overseas at the time.

Dase 2/Mie 1 used to photocopy em up for free at his job in a graphics place so props to him as well.

In terms of pre all this, I did some homebrew comic books farting around when I was young as fuck and always had an interest in fanzine type stuff.

After the mags I got into the event organising shenanigans instead.

Graphotism kicked in around this time as well so the scene had something else to bounce off there.

I gave a lot of my stuff to someone who was doing a thesis on graff. I had boxes n boxes of stuff that I rarely checked and didn't anticipate the internet plus scanner = mental global funk. So I gave it away in the hope that this 'intellectual' viewpoint would then filter down and us graff cats would have an easier time in future.

Just found this mag by pure chance, unlikely issue 2 and the newletters will reappear but ye never know?

Cheers for the enquiry and cover comments. I don't know of any other mag in Scotland, may have been, but no-one else was at this level of content for sure.

Mieone said...

I've got issue 2 i'll get scanning!

EEZ? said...


Christmas in February? Nice one

You got the Freestyle's as well? That'd be as cool as a headspinnin snowman

Mieone said...

Sure i've got the freestyle's in the christmas box of goodies. i'll be diggin them out this week .

Domain piece by Moda looks dope lower case A's with the peace sign .

And all that for only a quid!

EEZ aka CUNT FACE said...

£1 bargain stylee, although that's 20 years ago so a quid is about a tenner these days after inflation and banker fuckups.

Be good to see the Feestyle's again but no worries if not. I clocked some partial scans online the other day and they looked more than a bit shit haha

Blur out any old address contact info if you do dig em out, cos ye never know who's checkin on yer biz with the Google monster in tow.

juju-jim said...

RE: Eez "never met Skan"... whaaat? I risked my life walking thru Craigshill to stay at yer bloody hoose! I once stayed at Part 2's house in York for a week back in'88, and he doesn't remember me either. Any more of this and I'm gonna get a complex...
Funny to see my old "keep graf illegal" rant on the back page of this mag... Nice one...

EEZ aka The Magical Memory Man said...

Must be karma cos I was just checkin this thread random stylee.

Never stayed at my house bro - you could have been in it right enough cos the amount of people around during the events was chaotic.

Not to worry, apologies if we had a blether and I forgot. We should have arranged piece up session?

On the opposite side of things I thought one of Rask's mates was over at one point... and he never has been - which turned into an interesting conversation in Drogheda after a few pints and some magic sweets...

"Aye ye fuckin were!"

Anyway you are alive and well. Cool

juju-jim said...

Come to think of it, mebbe I just visited. I remember a K-Line piece on your wall. I did a rubbish piece down at the old high school... shame I didn't take more advantage of such an excellent spot.