Saturday, 12 December 2009

Its all about the letters!!!

During this years summer jam at the DPM, Sync took the opportunity to grab a some writers and carry out a few interviews. Here is Part 1 of his interview with Irelands finest, Rask (part 2 of the interview to follow).
Rask is no stranger to the Scottish scene having hooked up with Eez wayback, taken part in some of his old school jams. A top writer and an equally top bloke.
Have a listen and remember - Its all about the letters!!!

Rask DPM 2009

Rask DPM 2008


beta nsa msc rtm said...

looking forward to the second part..

Anonymous said...

An iterveiw! quality

Anonymous said...

When youre getting a bit jaded about graff its great to listen to Rask as his enthusiasm & love of it is infectious!

Anonymous said...

good interview! give us some scottish writers though!

Mieone said...

Very techno this whole sound file thing, guid work by Sync and Vera and well delivered interview by Mr Rask .

Anonymous said...

Great interview! When are we going to get part 2?!