Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Edinburgh - The boards


Mode 2 and Smog

Smog and Elph




Thanks to DLA1 for diggin out and emailing through the flicks


Anonymous said...

jesus the boards used to be so much better its unreal!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be much better if the ground was tagged to fuck and the whole thing was covered in throw ups to the point that the council shut it down
That would be great, seriously.

Anonymous said...


Mieone said...

The last piece is by raje.

What do you expect a large legal wall space in a city like Edinburgh with limited public space the boards were bound to become a free for all. Graffiti is left to those who practice it to make the rules then again the whole thing is based on a culture of no rules it's the nature of the thing it's never going to be perfect.

This wall signifies the end of one era and the beginning of another the second wave of scottish graffiti which brought with it pro's and cons significantly more writers competing for space. Not to mention the day tripper visitors. Why would anyone go to this effort when the following day some writers from elsewhere are going to rock up and drop some pieces (more often dubs) straight on top it's the norm particularly in Europe.

When/If (is there any truth in this or is it rumor?) this spot goes what will become the new home of Edinburgh graffiti is anyone willing and able enough to organise another festival theatre city centre type spot?

This wall stayed intact for at least a year infact these photos look a year after it was completed some chav menshys signify the slow slip into decline then i reckon it was the poster people who wrecked it further then it turned into a generic graffiti spot for everyone and anyone.

It's amazing how long it lasted 1993-2009!

By E? said...

I think it would be so much better if... there was a bar tap every 20ft dishing out liquid hallucinogenics, and a 7ft scantily clad lady was kneeling down at each end ready to randomly mop my brow.

I'm open to other suggestions right enough?

Anonymous said...
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Mieone said...

Mr Eez your idea may infact be the future of Graffiti hall of fames!

capitano jings said...

It is definitely going to get dismantled this year at some point, but there are possibly going to be some alternatives, so I've heard.
I reckon most of the better pieces in Edinburgh in the last few years haven't been done there anyway.

It was fun while it lasted, but like everything else it has to die miserably, probably of a heart attack, being Scottish.

Anonymous said...

that first derm is a classic - why have we not seen it before?

love the mode and smog wall too. this was a great era for edinburgh graff - we used to see lots of scottish stuff in early graphotisms - are smog, elph ase, derm, raje still painting?

it would be good to see more from them?

Anonymous said...
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Mieone said...

So is Raje under different guises his latest bit's of work are very dope indeed.

Hopefully i'll get some posted up here soon.

I must have missed those graphotism's with scottish pieces in them??? Passed me by that one.

Conzo said...

these are amazing! and mode 2 aswell! ooft!

koreezy said...

Raje was always one of my favorites when i was starting out.