Sunday, 1 November 2009

1985 (?)



Mieone said...

Great stuff again. Wouldn't surprise me if this piece was painted with metallic purples and blues loving the authentic scottish B Boys. The Bits piece is toppers with the light blue fill

Anonymous said...

i was up there today, piece is long since painted over but it was pishing down & you can see the sweep of the letters again through the weather beaten paint!

Grant Duff said...

Gotta admit BAD stands for Bip Ace Design, this piece was painted one sunday afternoon,where we were interrupted by workers, we never returned to finish the characters or background. Yes purple etc were metalic colours, B&Q if I recall. The Old willie Low's was a fav location of mine, and i went there a few times to paint on my own: style, flame and a metalic dog that I don't have any pics of. if anyone does Please post... nostalgic for a lost youth.
Another key place was the water tower in Ardler, never painted there myself, but visited often to look at pieces by Sin n Shy etc... ah those were the days. lol