Monday, 5 October 2009

MSC FAP 90's

Long time no post!
Found some oldies that I don't think have been on here before.
The wall below is ELPH/ MIE/ ONEMOR/ FAP(DERM), painted at the London Road Spot 'The Yard' in 1995, I think I actually tacked my piece on the end, Pretty bad yin, dunno what that style was about!

The piece below is in Corstorphine in about 96/97 emulsion fills and background with Hycote Tractor paint Red outlines, it was really cheap and could cover chrome, but smelt like death. Check the masking tape.

Been rooting in the archives and have a giant joiner of an early Dundee/Edinburgh Drylaw jam that has some great pieces, including a topper from Dolby.


Anonymous said...

fucking quality, if you stumbled across that wall today you wouldn't be disapointed.
Contains the classic line "tags in halls of fame are boring"
Which they are.

Mieone said...

That first wall came together very slowly sure derm even finished his after ONe Mor i don't even remember the Elph piece , very laid back that spot!

The bottom piece must be the nearest i've ever came to painting with the same color scheme as everyone else actually quite like although i don't think we had any reaL plan to do that.

Anonymous said...

>> classic - blast from the past.

>> i can still smell the Spar Var fill

>> Derm

MisterVera said...

sparvar - super honking gas in a tin pretending to be spray paint.

Anonymous said...

sounds like sabotaz!