Tuesday, 22 September 2009

under pressure event - article from Represent mag

Big thanks to Eez who has been gettin busy with the scanner to bring back some classics.


Anonymous said...

who were te dundee writers?

The All Knowing Graff Karma Vibe said...

How do you like them apples?

Anonymous said...

Bip & Ace were the Dundee Boys through representing with the pentin' as Krime would say. They were the first wave of Dundee Writers along with Vera.
Mental! I met Vulcan, Ash, Phase 2, Rask, Derm, EEz, Zee & Elph that day. Not bad for a day out in Livi!
Bee Ups to Mr EEZ!

capitano jings said...

One of the most noticeable things about the colours from this jam is the pinks and purples, for a lot of writers at this time they were incredibly hard to get. Hence the reason why everything is pinked oot. Not bad for a two day session either.
I remember pestering Jon156 with numerous questions about painting and how he answered them without complaint whilst busily finishing one of his intense canvas's.
Also have another weird memory of hanging out with Vulcan at Greyfriars Bobby chippy and how he was saying that the jam would be happening the next again year, bigger and better. I totally believed him being naive and fully taking for granted what was happening.
Pretty surreal times really. Just wish I'd made the Phase 2 talk instead of walking round Livi with a hangover.

beta (kg one!) said...

i mind after the doo on the saturday a few characters coming to my mums to join in some revalry there...birmingham, new yorkers,londoners and others, getting bladdered with the c-hill sheila gorman posse....some of them crashing with me and my wee brother dessy in our bedroom..and getting breakfast in the morn before the next day ...ome of my aunties talked about it thew other day! ace and well remembered! i cvan mind meeting phase 2 in THE MALL, on the monday and goin" awright man>"