Friday, 4 September 2009

old schoolin' 1986


Couple of flix from an old school Dundee writer who had a few graff names but everyone knew as Con. Usual story, breaker turns writer etc etc.....

As with most stuff that was goin on at the time these are heavily influenced by what we had available at the time - which was not a lot! Wizard piece was influenced by weetabix. Cant remember what the Duck piece was based upon.

These were painted on my school which was probably the first hall of fame in Dundee


EEZ? said...

Nice 1 for the weetabix flick.

Took me so far back I've grown fresh pubes

lyken said...

bloody hell, you know I never saw these! just heard tell. offline at the moment because apparently if you dont pay your bills they shut off or something.