Thursday, 13 August 2009

Edinburgh Graff event - Street Crash

Dont have much more detail than whats on the flyer. Hopefully get more info soon.


EEZ said...

Maybe jumpin the gun on this but, that guy is paintin fuck all and the tag headline is a bit wank.

Worst of all, the pink doesn't go with the green.

That's like turnin out for a Sunday mornin pub league game wearing ankle socks.

Could be wrong?

MisterVera said...

nothing wrong with wearing ankle socks, it the suspenders i usually get the pelters for!

EEZ said...

Hope it goes well though.

They should have got one of the graff heads to design it?

I was going to say it's like gettin yer cock oot in front of a lesbo - but that's just askin for trouble )

beta nsa msc rtm said...


Anonymous said...

good point by mr eez, clearly designed by people who have nowt to do with graff!

anymore interviews planned? i enjoyed the last ones.

EEZ? said...

Cheers Mr Anon.

I rushed the last one cos I promised to do it asap and I was a few weeks down the line. Missed out plenty cos it was mostly done in one typing blast.

Lots of people played a part in the Scottish scene, and I could mention who, what and where in more detail but it's up to them to chip in about it all themselves.

Prob won't be another interview, anywhere. I did plenty, from homebrew graff zines to international publications (chuck in some tv and radio), and it's better just to meet cunts and have a pint at the end of the day.