Thursday, 6 August 2009

Conzo and Code 26

How it was made!!!


EEZ said...

Good idea - better than just checkin a flick.

Scans of the sketches would be cool too

Anonymous said...

Jesus Mr Code aint faird to let it all hang oot!
Great wall, great idea.

Particularly like the chicken man/throb boogie at the end!

capitano jings said...

he he, that wee bit at the end was class. Well good.

Korea1zor said...

Great wall and video!

Code 26 said...


the camera ads 10 pounds, the beer about 40 :)
its a swedish thing u know!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha.
It a Scottish thing also!
Unless of course you are Conzo who seems medically incapable of putting on any weight!

Conzo said...

Ha! hey, I cant gain weight cause of all the clockwork throb thrusts!

Twice in morning, one before dinner and 3 after a midnight feast!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. lovin the vid fellas.
really exqiusite work and entertainment.

topper reid.


Anonymous said...

good video and wall lads, made me laugh quite a bit at the end.