Sunday, 26 July 2009

Graffiti Planet 2

Received a review copy of Graffiti Planet 2 through the post.

As with the first in the series, this book is compiled and introduced by Ket and is another filled from cover to cover with top quality graff from around the globe. Ket continues his work by keeping the quality of content strong throughout, whilst displaying many differents styles. The focus is 99% on piecing but there are a couple flicks of bombing. Scotland is represented this time round by Edinburgh's Elph. Again, showing Scottish graff in a positive light, sitting alongside that of the best in the world and more than holding its own.

There are so many nice peices within the book but some personal favourites from a first view are the Kero Sem and Erps whole car (Romania), Blen piece (Puerto Rico) , and the Geso freight train (California). There are many more things to check out such as the detail within the MSG 28 Cents Crew wall from Miami or sheer scale of the El Mac and Retna wall also in Miami.

What I personally like about the book is that the layout means that you have to focus on one piece at a time. Also, the size of the book gives a feel like you are flicking through a small photo album and that this could be someones personal collection of graff flicks (you fellow old gits will know what i mean!)

The book is due out 4th August 2009 and RRP is £9.99. However the book is available on Amazon for only £5.49.

Thanks to Sarah at MOM books.


lyken love said...

bastard, show us the elph page!

whens it oot?

MisterVera said...

post updated to show the Elph piece.

book is oot August 2009 - didnt get an exact date.

A defo must for the collection though, really nice.

Anonymous said...

Is it just one Elph piece to represent scotland? Is there any text etc?

MisterVera said...

Yeah only the Elph piece in there, although to be fair most places only have one or two pieces in the book to represent their area/country. If there is to be another in the series then hopefully there can be a few more examples of what Scotland has to offer.
The book is fully focussed on displaying the pieces so apart from the introduction and headings of each piece, there is no other text.
If you have the first book then you will know what to expect. Personally, i really like the format and content of these books.

Anonymous said...

I have the first book and would agree that its a good layout.

I just wish some of the graff was abit more eh... "orthodox", i felt alot of the last book was made up of pieces that were abit gimmicky and not fucosed on letter forms. dont get me wrong though, burners from start to finish, id just have liked stuff i could apply to my own styles.

Anonymous said...

wasnt onemor in the first book? isnt he from edniburgh?

Anonymous said...

It was Lyken who was in the first book.
One Mor was in the Graffiti World book.
Mor is from Edinburgh, outstanding artist!

BLEN167 said...

hey b thanks for liking my piece im blen 167 can you send me a flick of the page i came out in . i never saw the book . check out my blog b send it to my email thanks agian