Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Super Zero's Jam aka the forgotten element - the Zipper Scratch







Fear 1


Im missing a few flicks of the Gaz Mac, Krime, Rask, Syrkus and Vade pieces. Hopefully, these will be up in the next couple of days.


Smogsy Malone said...

Cannae beat a bit of Hong Kong Phooey! I see a bit of the Krime creeping in with a super chrome fill looks quality .

capitano jings said...

Came oot guid, kindo wished I could have stayed.
that Conzo piece is mental!

Anonymous said...

lookin real fruity from senior conzo! diggin that vera piece aswell, the riddler style fill looks sweet!


dmn kc said...

so many wild pieces, love that roule though!

beta nsa msc said...

dope stuff dudes

Conzo said...


Dont suppose anyone got a final stitch shot of all the pieces finished before we all had to scatter when it started to whizz it down?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr C,
heading up this afternoon after work,
will flick it then and email them across over weekend.
cheers fella!

Anonymous said...

aye yeah were are rakem and docs flicks?

Anonymous said...

Rakem & Doc?

Anonymous said...

yeah we were paintin there with these guy and dont mean to be blunt it as if they just wanted to shuve us out of the pics

MisterVera said...

feel free to send in your flix and i will post them up. Your pieces werent finished when i left so i didnt have flix of them - as with most of the others that were there. The connectors that i was sent didnt have you on them so thats why your stuff isnt here. So there is no agenda behind trying to "shuve" u out of the flix. As the front page of the site says "DONT BITCH if your stuff isnt here, send it in and i will post it. Im up for posting stuff by anyone regardless of what i may or may not think of their style but i have to have it to post it. Send your flix to

Anonymous said...

I've been up to the dpm and without wanting to be harsh, if your meaning the two pieces at the end, Its pretty good you got on that wall at all.
Red background is still not painted in properly around your pieces?

Anonymous said...

Toy bitches always moaning RESPECT you gota earn it mofos!

Anonymous said...

oh noes!!!! my first peice wasnt posted on teh internet i has now cried all day longs!!! BOO FUCKING HOO, if you need to post stuff on the net for folk to see it you obviously aint doing anything worthwhile