Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Scotland on Tour. Liverpool, Manchester.

Sole. Liverpool

elph. liverpool.

smog. liverpool.

elph. manchester.

Skem, Azby, Soka, Bamer. Write for Gold. Liverpool

Skem, Azby, Soka, Bamer. Write for Gold. Liverpool

Soka, Azby, Bamer, Skem. Liverpool. 2009

Sars, Soul Relic, Estm, Rogue, Vues. W4G, Liverpool

Beta. Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

did us proud guys, that nwsk wall is insane!

Anonymous said...

oh yesss fellas. lyken is rockin they new shizzles. the 2nd elph is absolutley exquizeeeeete


BETA said...

cheers brothers for traveliing doon...representing well and being grand drinkin partners!!!! hope to catch you all soon for more! ultra peace and love BETA!!

Anonymous said...

Yo's wall is awesome. NWSK colour choice is terrible.

betarok said...

wish folks would speak their minds, or say jack...
for those that were there it was an unusuaql scenario..the battle thing.. the rest was a jam..think things went well..apart from space and photo time...I hope to do more for next year...more scots dudes, more piecing, as it's not write4gold , yet something different , from the sponsors. if you're intersted, plese get in touch, as, asfter the success of the jam , and its overall attendance of 28,000, we're aiming for slightly bigger thing again in 2010.
we had 124 writers, a fair few from overseas, and 5000 ft of art work,over-painted in places regretably, with a budget of 2000 bucks. ..and no stencils..despite the theme!(set by molotow!)
as i say, we're aiming for bigger and better for 2010.

Anonymous said...

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