Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Monster Premier

its Arrived!!! Go get some.

“MONSTER PREMIER” is the all new top of the range paint from monstercolors its made 100% in the u.k from a specially formulated acrylic paint that no one can match. Using only the worlds finest pigments and fastest drying resins, Monster Premier is also is fitted with the all new pressure sensitive dual pressure valve that enables you to achieve the thinnest detail to the thickest spray line, from a airbrush to a fire extinguisher what ever you need you will get it with this high quality “MONSTER PREMIER” spray. can

Recieved word that the new range had finally arrived so I headed up to Monster HQ to pick up some cans. The new range represents a real step up in quality. The coverage is of the high quality that you come to expect from the Monster range but the real difference is the new valved that is fitted to the can (see above) which will push up your can control in an instant.

Not sure if this has hit the shops as yet as they were still awaiting further deliveries, but swing by the Monstercolors website or give them a ring and get your hands on some of these babies!!!

For the old school fiends, i'm reliably informed that the chemist that put together the Hycote colours is the very same one that is creating the new Monster range - it doesnt get any better than that!


beta nsa msc said...

i like the old stuff better to be honest.

capitano jings said...

Quite excited to give it a go, have to see, I tried a test one and it worked pretty good, the only thing Ifound wrong with the old stuff was it would clog caps pretty fast. The valve sounds mad though, and Hycote! Hell yeas!

Anonymous said...

aye, looking forward to it, need to get a batch for the coming weeks of fun.
quite a lot of competition oot there with the 94 handling so well. should be booonuuuss

Anonymous said...

Yeah the old cans were murder for caps clogging. I'd need about 5 skinnys for one outline sometimes.

The new ones seem better in this respect.

Anonymous said...

Its well good i love it. the control from the new valve is on it