Thursday, 15 January 2009

old dundee

3d by Vera 1987-ish


lyken love said...

Im convinced all of these are 86,
That BBoy piece me & synko did was 87 and this was in Trottick for ages before that.
Always loved the symmetry of this one.
Just realised its a lower case "d" I could never work out how it said 3d, doh!
Did some old dude not catch you but tell you to carry on son?

korizzay said...

this has the steez!!

capitano jings said...

Those arrows are dancin!
I like the wee dot in the middle.

Mieone said...

Liking this one the letters and those arrows remind me of some subway Art Sonone or somthing?

Nice placement on the 3D tag !

Lil Korrizzle Bizzle said...

the arrows reminded me on a skeme (I think) piece from subway art

mistervera said...

Your right, without a doubt this was heavily influenced by some of the pieces from subway art/style wars. Those were the real starting point for us at that time and the only real reference point for studying styles and trying to develop our own.

Nowadays people have access to so much stuff via the internet as well as an extra 20 odd years worth of history therefore its much harder to pinpoint the influeneces within the piece.

As far as i can remember this was the one and only time i ever used a can of chrome.

lyken love said...
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Anonymous said...

I was there when this graced the trottick wall and yes we did get nabbed some ald wumin said she would tell oor mithers

def gee