Sunday, 28 December 2008

Auld Dundee Filck


Look closely enough at this pic and you will be able to see a rough chalk outline for this piece. Could be 86 but think its 87.
Shouts to Bits for supplying me with loads of mid eighties Dundee flix - legend!


nekyl said...

pretty sure this was early 86?
Sure it was well faded by 87.
what all this about new flicks from Bip, wohooooo!

mistervera said...

Bits not Bip!!! Ya dozy old fucker

lyken said...

maybe time to invest in speceroos with less spraypaint on em'!

Anonymous said...

seem to recall this was done on the side of texas homecare cos we were bored one sunday afternoon had totally forgot about this

Anonymous said...

This was on the side of Texas Homecare/B&Q, where Tesco sits now. Remember it well.