Monday, 15 December 2008

1986 - Dundee

Prime, Bits


lyken said...

By the time I saw this, a bit later, the ghost & cloud has vanished!
This was up for years & years until It almost faded to nothing.


Prime said...

Painted at 7pm on a Saturday night - -to the right of that Bits piece is one of the busiest roads in Dundee and less than 10 feet to the right is a bus stop/terminus. The bus pulls in and the whole bus start looking out the windows and the driver has a good smoke whilst contemplating the effectivness of the colour schemes and styles on display.

Ahh they were the days when people had no idea what graff was and just looked at you with a really bizarre look about them not quite sure what to say or do. They knew you werent allowed to do it but didnt quite know what to do.

That piece was actually on the side of a church hall and there was a graveyard at the back - the ghost wasnt intentionally tied in to the graveyard theme but i took a lot of stick for that one "your a sick bastard"

Anonymous said...

Thats the kind of style i'm going for these days dope on a rope!

elphatrons said...

Just seen some more of some flicks from that era. The styles have come back round to that time, all of them were super good.