Monday, 3 November 2008

Future Now Jam - Action Shots

Eez in action
Derm - Mr 2 Cans at a time


eez aka the small fluffy animal driller killer said...

I lived in that top. Man, you cunts rakin up these old flicks has got me all sentimental. Fuckin LOVED that top. Not sure about the orangey joggy bottoms right enough mmm. Better than Derm's grey 'found em on a tramp' look though?

Korizzle said...

looks like Bez up top there

eez aka the poodle puppy slasher said...

Yeah man - just needed a pair of maracas and I was good to go.

Derm looks a bit like Shaun Ryder on a bad day too.

Oh, just had a thought - Derm aka 2 Can Dan