Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ltd Reality Jam, Tramways, Glasgow 1997

Limited Reality Graffiti Jam.
Organised by Eez way back in 1997.
Eez was the organiser of the "Under Pressure Jams" in the 90's in Livingston, Scotland.
Eez Interview Here

Jam featured: Eez, Derm, Kiwi, Mie1, Elph, Synk, Ase, Vera, Akme, AsOne, GazMac, Mak1, Real.
Not sure of a couple on the Glasgow section, if anyone knows hola!


dmn said...

the whole wall looks rad man!

any idea how long it lasted there for? would have been good to see it nowadays in person

eez aka the big white wall sorter ooter said...

Was only up for a week cos there was an Asian festival thingamayhingy booked in for the venue.

There's fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn stories attached to this jam man.

I shall sleep on it and divulge at a later date.

dmn said...

shit about how long it lasted, still looks fresh as a lil daisy anyway

scottishgraffiti said...

great jam this, almost all the pieces were top notch which doesnt always happen at jams.

Eez ttk aka the gobstopper said...

This was the worlds biggest indoor graff mural at the time btw. Was on to the guiness book to make it official. They gave some criteria to finalise it all but I got caught up in some other shit that distracted me. More on that ltr. Got a fkn hangover man, can't remember how I got home? Hasn't happened since 1989. My impending wetherspoons multi breakfast should hopefully work it's magic once more. Hasta

Beem said...

This wall was done as part of a stage show called ltd reality which was on for 2 performances. I was involved initially as a dude who appears and does a bit of graff in the background during one of the scenes. I got roped in to actually perform a comedy acrobat scene cos one of the guys got injured attempting a somersault. A couple of guys from Glasgow city breakers took part also. Anyways,

Right so this fuckin event done ma nut in and I ended up walking out before the 2nd performance. Stick yer money up yer fuckin arse! Basically the main organiser was takin the piss. Hypocritical, using, fat, ugly bastard. If it had been a guy I would have dropped kicked them and forearm smashed em in an American wrestler stylee haha. Yeah, looking back I can laugh about it but after all the hassles of that n loads n loads n loads of other shite that I can't be arsed dragging up, I decided to change my approach to what I gave my time and money to.

Tell you a wee story that has always stuck with me about this event. I was sittin chillin n chattin no worries and this guy plonks down and goes, I like that piece and that piece but I don't like yours. Think you should do this and that to it. Think it was arrows or 3d? I was doin a volcano for letters b and e, the steam for another e and the waterfall as the m. As you do. So I goes, do you paint? Nope. Right, so when I'm on the spot I'm not known for my charm. So I tells the cunt, basically, to fuck off.

Now, and here is the classic line. He goes, I was over in Germany and I met mode 2 while he was painting. I gave him advice for his piece and he went and changed his.

There was an uncomfortable silence while we stared at each other. Me thinking, who the fuck is this numpty, and him thinking, mode 2 changed his piece and you should too.

Don't know why that memory has stuck with me or why I can be arsed typing this shite on my wonderful iPhone, but there you go. Suffice to say, I didn't add any arrows.

This was a good event in terms of having all Scottish artists together and some old wounds were healed because of it. Thanks to everyone who made the effort. And if you know that cunt who asked me to change my pride and joy, remind him to tie his shoelaces in the morning.

EEZ TTK aka I'm here all week, try the fish.

eez aka I'm runnin out of aka's said...

A lot has happened since the event. It's like everything was poured into a big sieve and over the years the watered down pish has been removed. "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours". Thats a quote I remember for whenever I venture into unknown territory. Anything still is possible. Iv been watchin and waitin mate

Anonymous said...

Lyken and Eez - just to let you know the full list of writers from Glasgow on the day to help youz out here guys, it was Gazmac, Mak1, Azone, Tuez, Real, Akme, Dema (aka Dj Dema of glasgow hip hop fame when he used to paint) , Redy (aka Foxy). I think Dice came down as well but there wasn't room or something. I think that's it. I remember the jam well, some of us went to the Arches after it and got wasted, and this might of been the time Elph was staying at mine and decided to climb out the window of my flat gassed as fuck and climb all over the roofs. Lol...polis turned up and everythin. If you read this B, I remember it well!!

Bigup from Australia