Monday, 27 October 2008



Anonymous said...

Another classic from eez. From the night time part of the future now graff event in dundee in 94.
There is another photo from the end of the night with someone crashed out against it.
Unfortunately these boards (there was one by lyken & elph also) were so ridiculously heavy they were left behind at a studio space I was renting years ago.
If only it was on canvas!

scottishgraffiti said...

shite excuse - get yourself down the gym ya wimp!

classic piece of Eez action.

eez aka The Gobstopper said...

Heavy my arse. You prob flogged em for a couple of cans of carlsberg and a cardboard box.

Mieone said...

Were they painted in that studio space pre-jam?

Think i came prepared with a ready made canvas .

That's a pretty mad Eez jam with the hurricane swirly face in the left , quite good this site for jogging the failing memory!

lichen said...

Yip, you came packing a canvas,
Think Elpher & that maybe came thru the day before,
cannae mind but we deffo did em pre jam in the meadow mills studio. Great studio space that, I actually lived there for a month or so at one point.
Need to dig out the flick of your canvas.