Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Near Pace Pork Pure

some of the first stuff ever done out at Loanhead


lyken said...

coolio, check the bare concrete!
cheeky P of an FAP by Derm poking in on the left!

dmn said...

great flick
aye the fill in that P is a badboy

Anonymous said...

those still there?? loanhead near ednburgh

elphatrons said...

what's weird is those trees are now gigantos, and a treasure trove of roller trays...Oddly that's one of the very few Pace pieces I ever saw him finish, although it still wasn't completely finished.

Mieone said...

This really reminds me of scottish graffiti early 90's discovering big spaces like Loanhead via Pure no tags no throw ups no need for it . Pieces pieces . Even most of the pices i seen here had been there for 2 or three years not something you witness to often nowadays.

And there was no daily internet update on what had been painted on that day.