Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Old schoolin

ABC by Tcee (synk), Run by Ideal (Fear1)
Fuck the buff!


lyken said...

Classic Picture,
I know Sync & Fear 1 were both mortified by the Fuck the Buff bit on the bottom, needless to say it wasnt them that wrote it but the crazy lad hanging backwards of the roof! He would use that yellow & blue jacket to maximum racking effect as it had a pocket in the front that could hold a couple of cans (Back when Asda sold spraypaint!)
Pretty sure it a bit earlier than 87, maybe 86? I could be wrong tho!

Anonymous said...

i think lykn could be right im sure i started going grey in 87.the crazy lad (pagie)was top class at racking the paint and keeping look out and in return he got a wee menshy,so he could tell a the birds he was in oor crew .............

scottishgraffiti said...

updated to 86 - took a guess at 87