Saturday, 26 July 2008

Vapour Trail Jam, Dundee 26-27th of July.

Follow the Trail to Locations around Dundee
from 26-27th of July!

Brought to you by our Friends at Monster, Red Bull, Skinnycap & the DCA.

20 of the Finest Invited Artists from the UK & Ireland
will be painting, top to bottom, the DPM Park, Canning St, Dundee,
Special Screening of Dope Documentary "Infamy" by Doug Pray at the DCA Cinema.
Scribble Jam Club night where you can draw directly onto the walls & get down to Funk, Soul & Hip Hop while images from the paint jam are projected onto the walls.

These are the guys that made it possible, check em out & spread the love!


eez? said...

Nice 1 sparkticus. Lookin forward to it

Dotse said...

is anyone free to paint, or is it just 20 writers that are painting?

Anonymous said...

yeah, what dotse said... i can't make it this year but if i knew there would be somewhere for me to do something i'd definitely make the trip next year

Vtrail said...

Yes, its the 20 invited artists that are painting & that will be the whole park painted top to bottom.
Should be a good one!

tuneabandit said...

so nobody else can paint?

Vapour Trailer said...

Just to confirm next weekends sponsored jam is the 20 invited artist painting only.
It is a decent space but its simply not big enough to throw a jam where everyone can paint.
The DPM park has legal status & is there for anyone & everyone to paint at all other times.