Friday, 11 July 2008

under pressure cont..

Keen and Mode 2
Bip and Ase
Phase 2
Bboy action
the legendary bboy Storm in action


scottishgraffiti said...

heard a rumour that the mode character now sports a bikini - is that true or some weird dream that i had?

eez? said...

Bit of a story to that.

Because the event was used as a community centre, the 'committee' wanted to see drawings beforehand of what was getting done. As this wasnt possible it was agreed that if anything was seen as 'offensive' then it would be painted over.

I told this to Mode beforehand in particular cos he was doin plenty of nudes at the time. I said paint what you want but if some cunt complains then it's another matter. He was cool about it.

As it turned out the painting brought giggles from some wee kids so a pc dyke pushed ahead with the painting over of the character. Instead I added some pieces of ragged clothing to keep with the junkie theme (not a fkn bikini haha).

I kept the nips in and had a bit of a discussion about whether nips through clothing was offensive? Pc dyke thought it was, I said otherwise. Nips remained.

I did my best but there you go. The shit I had to sort out eh?

eez? said...

Bottom Pic: That's the Glasgow City Breakers watchin btw. Gaz Mac/Prime in the white top also - he wasn't painting at the time though or I would have sorted out a space.

There wasn't any painters from Glasgow at this actually - the previous event had a few but they never kept in touch.

There is a vid of all this action too. My bro put it all together and still has a copy maybe? Will see if I can get it digitalised and linked to youtube. A few people have a copy so ask around in the meantime.

scottishgraffiti said...

i have a copy of what Lyken filmed and possibly the one that you mentioned. Also have some footage of Evo, storm, swift etc doing a wee practice jam at some community centre - possibly given to me by your kind self.

eez? said...

If you are able to do the convert, feel free to link to it from the blog then.

There was separate footage from a practice session at the sports centre - think it was the sunday after the slideshow. That's what I prob gave you.

My bro has a few things stockpiled so I will see if he can have a rummage for footage of this and other events also.