Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Under Pressure cont.....


Darco FBI

Shock & Prime

Mode 2 and Keen



Anonymous said...

There was a Jon 156 canvas propped against the wall, that I would sell a kidney for!
I remember seeing Darco/Gor painting a canvas also.
Whatever happened to em? Not sure how I missed the Aerosol Armada slide show that Phase & that put on, wish I had seen it!
Shock did a pretty banging wall outside next to the pois & mor Bertie Basset Piece to if memory serves.

Mieone said...

My favourite moment from this was sitting watching Reeves & Mortimer with Vulcan, Schmidlapp and Phase 2 in Andy "Moda" Niccol's house , some bewildered american faces!! . Andy has the Phase 2 sketch from the jam with added vespa boys soft lettering at the top .

It was a dope jam Evo & Storm headspinning aw aboot the joint amazing stuff.

Mr Eez doing it for the 3rd year running a total success and never duplicated again on these shores at least, and for anyone who's interested you can still see these paintings the last i heard they are still there untouched.

Nice experiencing it through photographs without the added toxic smell of 200+ spraycans going of.

eez? said...

The canvas paintings were used as part of an exhibition at the Arts Centre at Howden Park. The venue also held the Aerosol Armada slideshow by Vulcan, Phase 2 and Schmidlapp. This took place on the Sunday and turned into an international summit meeting of sorts.

The location of the wall painting was a school gym, now a gymnastics centre - and I believe the pieces are still intact and looking fresh. Which is pretty amazing as it was nearly 15 years ago.

Roll on the Vapour Trail I say, these flashbacks are good but the UP event and those prior were just steps along the way.

Oh, n I still have Jon's canvas. Shows yer kidney and it's all yours.

lskki said...

Pick any of the internal organs!
Big Fan of Mr 156!
At least you know what t get me for xmas, he, he!
Vapour Trail will be good bu there is no way we are filling those mighty boots!

Anonymous said...

i remember seein this back in 99 in a young scot pullout in the daily record, left me in awe!

Anonymous said...

If more young scots pulled out their would be less teen pregnancy in this country. arf, arf.

capitano jings said...

It's quite easy a lot of times in life to look back at things with nostalgia, and they will seem better than they really were, this wasn't one of those times, it's still quite surreal really to think of that jam. At the time it just seemed like there were things happening all the time so I didn't take it all in properly, I remember speaking with the guy Schmidlapp and Vulcan outside a chippy at Greyfriars Bobby while Storm was getting hassled by some girls for his hat, he was saying yeah it's going to happen again next year, bigger again, and I quite believed him being young and daft.
It was super exciting, something I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of it.
It's already been said that the organisation effort was bananas and done without even those wee wee headsets that events planners have these days, he he, but it was crazy. Fun times.
I remember my mum laughing at the rappers on stage that were doing the Naughty by Nature sorto hop/crouch thing and asking if they had something wrong with them, won't say who they were...

eez? said...

There was a Young Scot supplement in The Herald featuring this:

If there was something else published then I never saw/approved it.

The Daily Record called me for a belated UP event feature/interview btw but I knocked it back.

While I'm here, check out these links: (20 min)
Then for more details, (2hrs)

Graff heads tend to be free thinkers so this information should be of good use.