Thursday, 17 July 2008




bumblealsie said...

Very interested if anyone has photos of either pylon or turbine graffiti.

Anonymous said...

python or turpentine?

Anonymous said...

Can hook you up with some pinkthong or turbantanline?

lichen la mour said...

Prime example of how effortless mr mie makes it look.

health sttteeezzz

Mieone said...

The wee Spie on the steel door is dregs to the max took 15 mins and is one of my favourite pieces from recent times. (not that theres been many getting lazy)
Over the duration of one month Elph & Myself hooked up with Sukio(JAPAN) , Most (SOUTHSIDE), Kool QSC(MADRID) painted the larger wall . Derm and Onemor have a great piece of work out there FAP to the power of 10.
Sole and dropped a couple of pieces on the smaller wall.

All in all some good work done.

I'm sure the sukio piece is painted in Japanese characters which dopeassmaximus .

Anonymous said...

shame some suck arse builders destroyed the pieces!