Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The question is still relevant......

Why Front?


ksm said...

ah my first sight of legendary y-front business. quality.

respec to the Underpants Gnome

Anonymous said...

haha this is rad

lyken said...

I'll be brief..hoo,hoo, sums the whole thing up!
I reckon its even more relevant today!

Purrrops to Eoner

Anonymous said...

The question is briefs or boxers to the left or the right.

Indeed this is still a relevent today with an increase in mens underwear it's difficult to decide nowadays.

One tramp says to another tramp " Here you smell ae shite you shat yer self?"

Tramp replies "naw"

Later on after a few hours of diamond white and begging the first tramp says again "you sure you've no shat yerself?"

Tramp says "naw a huvnae"

Other tramps sniffs his arse "eye you huv yer pure hummin ae shite"

The tramp pulls down his troosers and pulls his pants down to reveal a big shite in his pants.

Other tramp says "told you shat yersel ya mink"

Tramp replies "Naw a didnae that shite was on them when a found them in the skip this mornin!!"