Friday, 27 June 2008


KIK - Knowledge is King


Mieone said...

I'll shed some light on this one.

Painted summer of 89 apparently the summer of love for the acid house generation definately a scorcher spent the entire summer at Livi SK8 park and at varying all night events Glasgow and Edinburgh dancing to some great music.

The title Knowledge is King after a Lakim Shabazz track, i often painted pieces using some music related stuff Dope, Raw, Advance, Love,K-OSS etc never been one to pursue one name although i was going under the moniker Dase at this point.

Most of the paint on this was probably via the Bathgate Swimming pool commission which Eez hooked up earlier that year. Car Plans , Duplicolors with the exception of the Pink Buntlack on the letters and the Hammerite (smoothrites) Black outline and White highlights. Hammerite was the thickest slickest paint so good it even made it to the top ten paints in Phase 2's I.G.T zine (the 1st Newspaper to document this culture) .
The piece to the right is T.L.W Team Little Wanky a piss take at the varying skate cliques who had started teams in typical Livi local fashion we were taking the pish Painted by Moda (concept by Matty) who pretty much painted every other piece on the park alongside myself.
M.A.D to the left of the Cheech Wizard stood for More Advanced Designerz a crew started back in 86 by another notable scottish Hip Hop figure and statesman Smiz aka Dj Krash Slaughta who's still touring and making dope beats.

Looking at the trees it's got that autumnal look probably Sept October just in time for the Shroom season.

ke beat beta said...

amazing.....thats when the lace had proper burners on it!!!! hail those days!!!! thats ace...was that a daze or a andy nicol piece?! peace to the original rockers!!!!!!! ke

ke beat beta said...

team little wanky and the teenage mutant guru bashers!!!!!