Saturday, 7 June 2008




eez? said...

I did the 'Sensor' piece on the left.

Was up for a good few months untouched before some spaghetti head put a brown line through it and a dod on the nose. They also splashed some white? Weird junkie cunts.

The face was used as the front of the Young Scot magazine launch within the Glasgow Herald.

lyken said...

I've still got the young scot supplement!
we painted over this eventually during Artic conditions!
eez, raiz (vera) elph & mie in attendance.
Car Paint Killerz!

e? said...

Nice 1 Lovehandles. That promo came in useful for funding a few things for myself and others.

The piece you mentioned is on this blog too.

eez the space cadet said...

Just after watchin a free online documentary which is worth link sharing -

The movie froze a couple of time - just refresh the page and drag the slider to start again.

One other which caught my attention recently was

Movies like these bring a new perspective on world events, worth a gander.

Ok, off to watch a blind albino gay take a shit.