Wednesday, 25 June 2008




Mieone said...

I don't think i even have a flick of that last Mie piece. This was painted in broad daylight mid week session on an old factory down from st stephens street church and lasted a few months before they flattened the building i'm sure some police officers came by asked a few questions passed some comment on it looking colourful and went about there business, no names taken no fines how things have changed.(£40 pound on the spot fine for a writer at drylaw last week??)
Elph painted a piece which was a homage to Pois FAP typo style then next a Keg piece .
Paint on this is a mix of hycote and those water based plastikotes . The outline color was a favourite of mine Ivory in the larger 300 ml hycote cans witha plastikote fat cap.

The Elk piece was painted same year i'd imagine on a flying visit by the London King , he pointed out the piece was Karlesque as in Karl 123 Manchester another top UK writer.

scottishgraffiti said...

Plasticote fat caps - what a turning point those things were.

Drop me an email mate, would be cool to catch up.

lskki said...

mr mie has a way with the light outlines & bonkers fills!
I wish i could be as spontaneous a painter but alas.
The mie next to the elk above is a belter.

Anonymous said...

classic mie selection, a major cog in the history of scottish graff. The fill must have had clearance from nasa on the bottom pic.

hook ups soon mr mie? i didnt get a chance to chat at the filmhoose.

oh, and you owe me a pint.

over and out


kebeat beta said...


eez up next said...

Dase/Mie was a major influence on Scottish Graff (and Hip Hop) for sure.

Loads n loads of things I could list, but I'll leave that to him to clarify. He was a busy guy, definitely.

Maybe felt he didn't get a lot of credit along the way right enough? Wasn't from me though.

Yeah, Hip Hop in Scotland was reliant on heads like him. Glad the blogs given an opportunity to bring things to the fore.

An inspirational artist and a dedicated B-Boy (I had the better 1 footed swipes to be fair).

Mieone said...

Kind Comments dudes . Respect to Vera for making the effort with this blog some rare grooves in that shoe box, hopefully get it together to scan some shoe box actions past and present.
Mullz your one foot swipes definately a dope move my turtle was not a bad contender Vera takes it on the windmill front though.

Lyken La Rock said...

Thats all fine and well but you know Bobby Locster's handspin will take you all oot & I mean literally!

ease-a said...

Vera is the jack of all trades in Scottish Hip Hop btw. A good DJ, Artist n Breaker for sure. Could prob string together a few quality verses too?

Oh, and not forgettin Lyken who is numbero uno in my opinion for keeping everything movin n groovin at the moment.

Dust off that shoebox Youngster!

Anonymous said...

It worries me that ive been painting since hycote and plasticote fats and the e of elk is and the bottom mie fill are still where im trying to get too 12years later!