Thursday, 22 May 2008

recoat new exhibition

Recoat are opening their 10th exhibition next Friday,
the 30th of May 7-10pm, its called X. Among the 10
different artists on show will be pieces by Ejek and
Gaz. Get your arse along and show some support to
those supporting the scene.


Anonymous said...

sounds cool, any idea who the other 8 artists will be?

scottishgraffiti said...

info from Recoat -

Its going to be hot, we’ve got 10 different artists from all over the
globe showing. Award winning Scottish artist, Kirsty Whiten, alongside
SuzyQ, artist in residence at Central St.Martins, who makes work
inspired by her Scottish heritage. Ali Wyllie, co-founder of Recoat
will be
showing again, under his alias REKOR, plus two well-known, prolific,
Glasgow based Graffiti artist’s, GAZMAC and EJEK. We’ve invited
ASKEW, a writer we met out in New Zealand, to show some of his new
photography work. John Grider is sending stencil work over from
Minneapolis, he
just took part in the huge Stencil Festival that happened in London.
MAYBE is also showing, an Argentinian street artist, illustrator,
photographer and graphic designer and “Swampdonkey”. a young
artist from Santa Cruz is showing some of his weird drawings. Katie
MacKinnon is the final exhibiting artist. She makes large-scale
based on the interior of the human body, they’re beautiful.