Saturday, 3 May 2008

Old School Glasgow

Zorro FBA

Big thanks to the MonsterColors crew for this flick. More old school loveliness courtesy of monstercolors to come.


scottishgraffiti said...

this is the type of piece that really inspired me back in the mid 80's. What everyone called London style - classic colour scheme as well.

lyken lovehandles said...

Is this a certain young man still active to this day?

scottishgraffiti said...

aye but you will not recognise him as he always wears a wee black eye mask and sports a pencil thin 'tache.

eez the pummeler said...

Liking the new nom de plume Mr L

This was by GM in the Prime moniker?

Surprised he's not on here chippin in btw.

More pummeling awaits,


Anonymous said...

This is A-typical style of the time Chrome Angelz all the way . Think everyone in the uk had a go at this style this is a good example .

Most of what people call london style was really just others biting the TCA, the originators of the first real style innovation outside of New York.