Sunday, 25 May 2008

fallen angelz 360 degrees

Derm, Rough and 1Mor


lyken said...

this was amazing to see, I remember walking towards it like...f**ck!
deffo the first crew in scotland to properly execute productions.


L said...

hadn't realised my flick was so terrible of this!
ah the joys of non digital photography,
I always needed to wait to have enough cash to get 2 sets of prints to exchange with people. Then you find out there is bits of a connector missing or out of focus!

scottishgraffiti said...

might be my shite scanning skills! Will have another go as this doesnt do the piece any real justice.

eez? said...

Good to see this and the other Fallen Angelz stuff on the go.

Derm especially was always a good contact for the Edinburgh scenario.

Got Rough up for the initial session at the skatepark and he hooked up with the FA from there.

Anonymous said...

this is a killer wall.

ke beta beta said...

totally ace.....wheres the new fap wallas man?get it up boys and show us how uts done...again!!