Saturday, 19 April 2008

Glasgow Kelvinbridge

Recoat Gallery have just held an organised production as part of a festival in Glasgow - some flix below. Full pieceVarious Details
Various Details
Recoat's new exhibition by Russell Dempster opens on 25th of April. Not on a graff tip but highly impressive - preview. Get yourself along and show some support to the Recoat family.


kc said...

the train painted on the door is rad as..

Anonymous said...

Think a piece or two would have brought it together a bit cute for graffiti. Remember the roots

capitano jings said...

Always with the letters!
Painting letters everytime is nothing but predictable.
Here's some roots that don't fit in with blinkered view that people have of graffiti history. In the beginning people did what they wanted, because there was no rules, now they do what they think they should do. Strange from a culture that was supposed to be diverse and interesting, that it's become repetitive and predictable.

ke beat beta msc nsa said...

remember the roots?...what's that meant to mean? This is perfect example of your roots....don't criticise ...this is a piece....meaning masterpiece.leave YOUR mark AND THEN say your spraff.