Saturday, 26 April 2008


Following on from the earlier Eez interview, examples of the man's work. These were meant to accompany the interview but got lost somehow somehere in the interweb. Enjoy!


EEZ? said...

This could've been 90 or 91 actually? Was at the local kids PlayPark. 2 walls, 8 by 40 ft.

Got into a serious scrap with a crew of bouncers when this was gettin done. Had to dig deep to finish this one for sure!

Amazingly only my painting finger wasn't sore after that encounter haha Remember having to knock the can tops off using the side of the wall becos my hands n wrists were so swollen punchin the fuckers.

Anyway, I digress. Bode stuff was tricky to do becos it was simple lines and easy to fuck up. There were other characters in the piece too but over the years I've lost the other pix.

battlechasers said...

wassup eez, catch a posted on my blog called visula grafix 2.

EEZ? said...

Nice 1. Left a comment back.

Also just ordered this:

Thanks for what you have made available via your blog. Well cool