Monday, 10 March 2008

Mak 1 interview

Sem by Mak 1

Brought to you by a certain graff rag, from their August/September 2000 edition. Uploaded to ZShare as the files are too large to host on these pages. You will need winace or similar to extract the files. Enjoy!


ZIP file for the trendy mac users (hopefully this works)


lyken la rock said...

I can unzip it on my mac.
Damn you Bill Gates, Damn you to Hell....

Anonymous said...

bill gates is a fud. feckin pc shit.

i was looking forward to this, any chance of a .zip or .rar repost?


scottishgraffiti said...

will do - but mac = beatmax, admit it.

Anonymous said...

That interview is shit

EEZ? said...

Cool for me with 'winrar'.

Also try '' for distributing files.

Mak is doin tats at the shop underneath ggow central station bridge btw - argyle st, chippie side.