Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Livingston Skate Jam pt2.

Mie 1
Derm in action

More flix from the Livi skate jam. Previous flicks from the day here


amber said...

that derm piece is classic.

kc boyo said...

very nice

lyken said...

I got a bit tipsy at this, plus got sunstroke & spent the return journey gibbering in the back of a VW camper Van. I shamefully never finished my boards.

scottishgraffiti said...

yep it was scorchio that day. Remember watching a guy put a 12" on the decks and it instantly begin to warp and made the needle jump all over place.
I have a flick of your boards and they "look" finished to me!

lykwn la bon said...

I never quite got them outlined before I started feeling peculiar.

scottishgraffiti said...

ha ha just the usual then?