Saturday, 9 February 2008



Apologies for the quality of these flix but my camera at the time was super duper wack!


scottishgraffiti said...

I think that these were done around about the same time as the jam. Correct Mr Eez?

kc boyo said...

the shitty camera quality gives it that extra old school feel

nice yeen

koreahr said...

doesn't that GET piece say 1993 under it?

great photos though

scottishgraffiti said...

might do actually. Will have a better look and update if need be. Need to get the old peepers checked out!

EEZ? said...

This GET piece was before - He painted indoors as part of the event. SHOK was during, outside. Think ELPH was after, outside.

GET was over from Holland a few of times. He painted in Edinburgh too.

ke beat beta said...

ace...i was there that day ...had only met the elphmeister 2 or 3 times at this stage.