Wednesday, 13 February 2008

its 1984 and everything is Funky Fresh!

Fresh by Eez


EEZ? said...

Still love that sparkle )

EEZ/ said...

That's me doin a dodgy windmill too btw.

Utter shite piece - but was a good keepsake to put things into perspective when the bigger n better stuff came along.

Cheers for posting this and my other flix up.

lyken said...

Totally, watch that shine, it will have yer eye oot!

Here, where's the footage of you from an Old Visual Graffix with your shirt off basking in the sun, all Buff like?
Cannae mind which jam it was, I mind the piece though, the eez with the bubbles, a blue face in one of the bubbles?

EEZ/ said...

That was the Birmingham Pressure Paint event at Selly Oak.

Think I gave the vid away?

Still got my six pack. It's tucked away under a curry n a few pints right enough )