Thursday, 21 February 2008

Fallen Angels



scottishgraffiti said...

Looks like a POIS production. Any info Derm?

Anonymous said...

yeh, masterminded by poise and mace helped out.

i reckon it was done about 1992-3, looks like i was from the bulk of 150ml Auto K that was floating around as a freebie.

where did you get this auld school pic?


KC BOYO said...

the 3d on that is a bad boy

lyken said...

I think this is one that Ase took, I have copies of this & it looks like the same flick/angle etc

divine stylings

scottishgraffiti said...

Derm - someone posted through a ZIP file of old edinburgh stuff and this was in amongst it. There are a couple more but like Lyken said i think they may be copies of flicks taken by Ase. Real nice old schooling.

Anonymous said...

nice, id like to see what else is around from that time