Monday, 4 February 2008

Eez Hulme

Painted at the now long gone hall of fame in Hulme, Manchester. If you dont know about this place then its well worth searching for some info on the net.


lyken said...

classic eez!

scottishgraffiti said...

A classic indeed.

Where's my interview young man? Hopefully catch up this weekend.

capitano jings said...

I met Kelzo years later and he said a guy who lived in Hulme had photographed this piece, and printed it out on A4 pages at actual size and covered his room in it.
He painted this pretty quick too, I did a really bad character beside it also, was a funny weekend, techno music and white lightening.

EEZ? said...

Nice 1 party people. This is a favourite, not just for the piece but also the event, which was in the middle of a housing estate - best to google it n see what was goin on.

Kelzo was cool for sortin it all out. I was told that someone also stuck a picture of a spaceship on it and that this piece lasted until the building was pulled.

Lasting memory is of a lorry arriving with a soundsystem on board and random heads passing by out shopping wandering in and flippin out at the tunes.

Improvised b-boy action on some cardboard too. Quality session.

If someone printed it out on A4's then that's well fuckin cool? Graff wallpaper. Nice )

What interview? Haha. All will be revealed..

Anonymous said...

That's a fkn brilliant painting btw.

The fades, the detail. Top notch

Anonymous said...