Monday, 25 February 2008

Edinburgh 92

Angelz by 1MOR


scottishgraffiti said...

These flix have appeared on various sites over the years. I believe they were originally taken and posted up by Aser.

inca84 said...

really sweet stuff!
where are these guys now?
are they all scottish and do they still write?

lykeb said...

the fallen angelz derm. pois. one mor.
all scottish. derm & one mor still write, not sure about pois.

Anonymous said...

One Mor is in NZ, Poise is in Manchester, i am sure he has a few old tins of car plan olympic blue that will get an airing some time in the future.


scottishgraffiti said...

D3RM - look forward to that.

We need to get that paint session organised soon.