Monday, 21 January 2008

who wants to take over the blog?

The reason I set up this blog was to highlight the artwork being produced throughout the whole of Scotland, not just the locations that some other sites might want to pay a visit to - no offence.

I wanted the blog to be true reflection of what has gone before and what is happening now. I wanted this place to be a site where people could visit and see the type of work that they are producing and/or like. The only true way to achieve this, i feel, is to offer posting rights to those who are out there writing, have done so in the past, have something to contribute and would like to see the positives of the Scottish scene continue to be displayed for all to enjoy.

This may be a big risk, but the sole responsibility for this would lie on the shoulders of you the guest poster. Any bullshit will be removed immediately along with posting rights. This is not an opportunity for beef to be settled or created. Its an opportunity for everyone within the scene to be a part of this and help create an archive of what we are all creating.

I will still be posting up on a regular basis so if this doesnt work out then its not the end of the blog, things will just return to the way they are now.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this.



weegie said...

ahh man that sucks, keep it going, nowhere else has old school flicks like yourself.

Triboro said...

theres a good chance the site will be bombarded with pish and turn into another duncancumming style site with assholes who only pretend to write commenting on it.

think of the amount of toys who will display utter shite on the site if u leave the doors open.

this is the best site for scottish graf hands down, but that will quickly chnge when it turns into a free for all!

scottishgraffiti said...

thanks for the feedback.

There are defo are few risks to consider with this. Maybe it should be an invite only type of thing - i dont know.

The main thing to remember in all of this is that the blog is not ending or changing hands. Im just trying to think of different things to keep it fresh, a place that people want to regularly visit and hopefully feel part of.

Anonymous said...

update all the time, when photos go up on duncan cumming there's about twenty, but this is one or two a day at a time. so if you do big uploads frequently then you'll get loads more people paying attention.
just a thought.

scottishgraffiti said...

Anon - Appreciate your time and what you are saying but Duncan already has that covered and i dont really want to copy the format that he has in place. I would rather that the site is updated every couple of days rather than one big post every couple of months.

The other problem is the layout of this site, large posts would mean that certain pics would end up getting lost due to the way the site is laid out (maybe something for me to think about a bit more!).


Anonymous said...

open it up to people you trust. if you get lots of pish posts from an individual, ban their privileges.

keep this page as you set out to document the history of scottish burners, and don't let it people post every time they tag their school bus stop, like the DC site has become.

there has been some amazing work done over the years within scotland, and further a field by scottish writers that should be tracked down.

we also have had a wealth of international artists at some amazing jams that should be documented

keep doing what you are doing


scottishgraffiti said...


i think that is the way that im goin to go, there is far too much of a risk just opening up the blog to anyone (your totally right, im not interested in seeing a shite tag on a bus stop either).

i have some flix of the pieces done by Delta, Mode, Ash, Shok etc that im going to post up real soon. Keep yer eyes peeled.

duncan` said...

yeah, you definitely want to do an invited guest editor style, e.g. see how Wooster Collective did it:

and for the person who suggested frequent big updates, that's all well and good if you've got enough photos and time to spare, but it's a lot of work. certainly there was a period when i was putting up photos daily, and the site was probably at it's peak then, but i just don't have the time these days. if you can keep daily updates for a while, Google will give you really good rankings i found...