Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Give me your name, crew(s), and how long have you been painting?

theme aj brc dos

What was it that made you get into graffiti, what was it that made you go, fuck I want to do that?

seeing vote/zeps getting up arond my town slapping tags/throws everywhere then i later
found out a few guys fae school were into it too, we created the crew SSA, heavy toy styles
at the time, then we all kinda drifted away from it, tho i kept the wee flame in ma heart
burning and took up the can again a few years later, it wasnt long after that til i met the
aj boys, and the rest as we say, is history...

Who were your early influences and who/what influences you now?

dice/dose/enos/eska stuff on the tracks and seein aj/se about town and an old dutch graff
mag were what i looked to back in the day, especially cece, opak and deltas styles fuck
knows what it is now, too many things influence me these days, manga/anime/japanese
culture,simple cartoon styles,spanish graff,alot of the funky brazilian shit on fotolog from
the fleshbeck crew, too much to mention...

You have a very distinctive style - describe it?

i never really like to do the same piece twice like most folk in schotland seem to be into
these days, always got to keep it fresh and funky, and with the other brc boys we like to
play off each others styles and get something cool and cartoony goin, with da funk of

From a personal point of view how important is it to be part of a crew?

always important, otherwise id be doin the characters and mulsioning the background maself..... but aye always good to have people on the same wave length...

Bombing, piecing or a production? What's your preferred choice and why?

used to love bombing, but ive gotten lazy in my old age, got to be piecing in the sun,
gettin a proper wall done

What's your opinion on the current Scottish Graff scene?

its ok i guess.... some of the stuff coming out of edinburghs pretty fresh, tho that seems
to be mostly foreigners....

Whats your favourite piece and why?

probably this one from 06 (below), a bit dated but still my favourite, we done this production when omer returned to scotland after being exiled to kent a year earlier, good day, good wall, and all the pieces were burning

What are your goals for 2008 graffiti wise?

try and get a bit more done, last year was a bit of a washout wi the usual scottish
pishness weve come to expect now and i didnt bother with any of the jams, hopefully it'll be a bit more like 06, gettin around piecing alot in different cities and meeting new folk

Will you still be painting in ten years time?

hopefully aye, probably by then i'll be able to afford more than one paint order a year....

Every writer has a story that they like to tell whether 'the time they met and painted with someone, some beef or a chase story. What's yours?

theres been too many trackside/street chase stories to pick out one, tho i remember when
tribe bought a can of juice out the kebab shop with a skeleton keyring, good times....

Any last words?

keep it beefy.

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Lovin the graff style of Theme - thanks for your time.