Thursday, 10 January 2008

More Monster mashing


Anonymous said...

The DVD really looks embarassing, live footage of legal walls. and no action.

Im sure it wouldnt be hard for the guys at monster to get in contact with the best writers in scotland and get bombing footage rather than this joke.

EEZ said...

Clint Eastwood - Put a name to your comments and get the rep tested - even better send in some footage of you in action and say this is how it's done?

Otherwise you're just another clown hiding behind a keyboard typing shite in between waiting for the Granny porn to download.

It's easy to criticise - not so easy to actualise. Even safari monkeys can type..

Anonymous said...

He is right though.

scottishgraffiti said...

I would think its pretty obvious as to why there is no "action" in the vid.

It goes without saying that the vid isnt going to float everyones boat. Everyone has different interests within graff. If the vid doesnt interest you then go and source soemthing else that suits you or even better put something together yourself and get it out there. As far as im concerned the more products out there representing Scotland the better.

Just for the record the "legal" wall you refer to is not actually legal and therefore the illegal action that you are looking for is right there under your nose. Just because a piece of graff is not filmed at night, done in a throw up style and filled with chrome does not mean that it is not illegal. Almost all the flix on this site are of illegal pieces - just a thought!

Clint's Granny said...

Clint - bet that was you who wrote both comments haha ya fuckin muppet ye.

Take your hand of your cock, turn the pc off and go join the queue of Graff Bitches thinking they've got skills while doin absolutely fuck to prove it.

If it wasn't Clint then I apologise profusely to the second Fandan who thinks he has a point to make but won't even rep it with their name. Bitch..


granny fanny said...

If there's one thing I almost hate more than a Graff Bitch, it's a non deliberate spelling mistake..

That should have been 'take your hand OFF your cock'. And then included, 'Ya wee spaz' prior to the preceding verb )