Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Grangemouth 1994

Eez - painting demo in Grangemouth


scottishgraffiti said...

Cant beat a bit of Carplan and Hycote. Yummy!

lyken said...

cool,Id never seen this one before.
Remember the "Just Waste In Time" one next to the keen peace (I think) In Livie?

scottishgraffiti said...

that one is coming soon - real soon.

EEZ said...

Was just a rough demo at a gala day event. 2 hours or so it took me.

'Just Waste In Time' was done with Keen - I did the left character and the right letters 'It's All About Reality'. If you've got copies of that wall then that'd be cool to see it on the blog too )

I've lost a lot of my pics - including that one - gave my album to a writer in Belfast to try and get some commissions and he said he took the pics out n posted em back but I never received it.

Real men use Carplan btw haha