Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Eez and Get (Holland), London 1994


EEZ said...

This was at KEEN's local Hall of Fame (Cheers Kevski).

There was a little river running past that had to be long jumped everytime I wanted to get a better view of the piece. Not an easy task after a wee ruby )

This is also where the photograph for the Livi 'Under Pressure' event pass was taken.

EEZ le FunkRockinCanCatcherExtraordinaire said...

Lyken, that was a good session when you came over to Drogheda - out at the fish factory! Haha just rememberin. Fkn blast from the past that one, oh yeah.

The Bro was the dude who sat up and put it all together for the event. Buy him a pint all asunder )

Andy from Edinburgh took the snap (he ended up doin well out of snowboarding flix), Dase/Mie did the collage at the back wall n the Bro did the back of the pass and assembled it for everyone. Just incase any cunt was wonderin?

It's my good self in the pic about to catch the can. As I said, there was a river and after jumpin the fkr 20 times a few cans were gettin lobbed instead. Hence the pic.

My idea for the snap and the pass layout. But a team effort all round. Nice 1)

Anonymous said...

that should be 97 sorry

For The Craic said...

Seems like yesteryear too..

10 + ma man, it's been emotional )