Thursday, 15 November 2007

Computer Arts Graffiti edition - on sale now

Special edition of Computer Arts mag on sale now featuring amongst others Scottish writers Lyken and Elph. Full details here


koreahhh said...

no offence to either of these two but i read about that magazine and it's sounds like such shite.
I mean "street art pioneers" banksy, fuck off. but at least he's actually done something whereas Mark Ecko should just be put down...
anyway big up lykon and elpho, i'm not including youse in this of course

koreahhh said...

also, i love the fact that there seems to be a stencil of Dan Ashcroft from Nathan Barley. Did they not actually watch the program or are they trying to co-opt it or something?

scottishgraffiti said...

korea - I totally agree with you that 99 times out of 100 these types of publications are full of absolute shite and bizarre "facts". The fact they are normally put together by a non writer means that they will fall way short of the mark in our opinion but those who normally buys these mags wont care.

The point of this post is that it would appear that Scottish writers are finally being given a bit of exposure and the chance to put across their views, albeit at the discretion of the editor. Surely that must be a good thing?

korearrr said...

I'm not overly concerned about the representation of a Scottish scene at the moment. It's a bit of a backwater internationally but that reflects what's going on. If things were more vibrant it would get the attention it deserved. However, if you were bothered about that sort of thing, surely expose in such disastrous things would be a backwards step? Things like this site are a much better vehicle methinks.

scottishgraffiti said...

Sure this site is a far better representation of Scottish graff than a couple of pages in any publication be it the computerarts mag or even graphotism.

The fact that these guys are in a mag "may" get someone to search for their stuff on the net and as a result they, and hopefully others, will stumble across some more scottish stuff and the scene might start getting the recognition that it deserves. Dont be fooled, there is some really nice stuff going on in our slightly unique scene.

Its all about an opinions though and everyone of us will have a different one. All im trying to do with this site is show Scottish graff in a postive light and i think that this mag, however shite it is, proves that things are heading in a more positive direction.

Anonymous said...

I think the Scottish Scene is pretty vibrant at the moment.
Scotland has

1. Its own brand of spraypaint
2. 2 Graffiti Shops
3. A Graff Magazine
4. At least 3 legal spots
5. An influx of really balsy young writers.
6. Reasonable amount of halls of fame of questionable legality.
Not bad for such a small country.
A Hardcore of older heads.
It seems to cover most bases from productions to bombs.

I reckon it will only remain a backwater scene if we consider it as such.
I know mags, shops & paint are only a means to an end but as far as the actual scene goes it seems pretty healthy and if its not then its up to every individual to get out there and go for it big style

John Glenn