Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Perth 2007

The person who submitted this flick thinks that it was taken in Perth. I hope so, as all the other stuff that is up on this site originates from Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow. There must be some stuff out there in other places like Aberdeen for example. I cant believe that these 3 cities are the only places in the whole of Scotland where there is some sort of graff scene. C'mon send in your flix and represent your area!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely Perth, Its Dares from the NSA Crew and i think it way be on the tay road bridge facing onto the rail way (Sorry if i'm wrong), NSA do some sick work and if you very get a train on the Aberdeen to Glasgow line that passes through Perth, some seriously sick spots. Fuck all Perth Toys (ACB Crew, Reck One etc.)