Saturday, 6 October 2007

eez compilation

This one is for those of you who dont know of, or are unfamiliar with the man Eez.

In the early days of Scottish Graffiiti, Eez was thinking of things on a far grander scale than anyone else. He was responsible for putting on the famous Livingston jam back in 94 and inviting over Mode 2, Vulcan, Zebster, Phase 2 etc etc. This was in the age before widespread internet access so contact wasnt that easy.

He was also the man responsible for probably the first graff mag/fanzine to come out of Scotland. Check it here -
Thanks to the graffman blog for putting this up.

Eez also put together the jam at the Tramways theatre in Glasgow which featured numerous, if not nearly all, scottish graffiti writers (see previous posts for details).

His style wasn't widely accepted at the time, but as you can see from this compilation he was years ahead of his time - realistic faces were not the done thing in these days.

Brian - your a top man and if your out there get in touch.


Anonymous said...

that flick of the eez compilation, the blue character is the double of richard ashcroft

Anonymous said...

crackin photo, that clown looking fellow at the top is a nailer. said...

The blue character was 6ft by 4ft, painted on hardboard with Carplan (same nozzle) and part of my 1st exhibition collection - if it looks like Richard Ashcroft then I want to have the number of your dealer )

The 'clown looking fellow' was painted on a carpark wall in the outskirts of Barcelona using Montana paint (thanks to Sendys for hooking that up). I brought a few cans back with me and hooked up the contacts which ultimately resulted in the UK/Europe wide availability of it.